Homeless Assistance Project

Although we live in a rural county, there are homeless people all around us. Some live in remote areas of the county back up in the mountains while others stay in tents within sight of downtown. There are others that travel through our community on their way to other destinations. In all cases, we assist as we can on a case by case basis. The Justice Project provides assistance to the Wilkes Homeless shelter, We feed homeless people that come to our food pantry and we visit with those who live scattered around our community to bring meals and to just set and talk. We have also assisted those who have recently lost their homes to try and find a new place or gather needed furniture after they have moved in.

At times, we come into contact with individuals who have very little or no basic survival items such as shelter, sleeping bag, clothing, and food. As winter approaches, we see people who are lacking in warm blankets and shelter. The Justice Project provides a basic survival kit to these individuals that they can use until they can find more permanent housing. This kit includes a tent, sleeping bag, blanket, camp stove with fuel and emergency food rations.

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